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Poseidon uses cameras engineered for the demanding aquatic environment . Mounted above the water surface to monitor shallow and medium depth areas (no deeper than 9 feet) or mounted below the water surface in the walls of the pool (for waters deeper than 9 feet).

Poseidon's cameras can adpat to any type of pool (new build or existing pools). They provide a complete and redundant view of the swimming pool.



Overhead cameras

Designed to the same standards as the underwater units, the overhead camera units are designed for a variety of mounting situations and can be integrated into existing decors





Underwater cameras

The underwater camera units include two high-quality optical cameras that have a combined field of vision exceeding 180°. These low-profile, unobtrusive units are mounted on the pool walls under the surface, and are engineered for the demanding aquatics environment.



Underwater view
Underwater view